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On-Site Testing
Over forty years of screw press experience has shown us that every dewatering application is unique. FKC custom designs and builds each screw press we sell, so the more information that we have about an application, the better. The best way for FKC to gather the information that allows us to provide the optimum equipment for each application is to perform on-site testing with a pilot scale screw press. FKC has the ability to perform on site testing by using one of two screw press test trailers that we have based in North America. The trailers are self-contained, so only utility connections are necessary in order to conduct an on-site trial.

On-site Trial Requirements
1. Power: 460 or 575 volt, three-phase power is required to the test trailer power connection. The total amp requirement will be <20 amps.
2. Water: One ¾" water hose to the trial unit for polymer make-down, steam generation, rotary screen thickener shower water, and wash-down is required.
3. Sludge
A sludge line to the sludge feed tank inlet valve located at the rear of the trailer is necessary. If there are 2 or more materials to be mixed for dewatering, separate lines are required for each sludge. Each trailer carries a portable poly tank which can be used to mix sludges.
4. Kerosene: Five gallons of kerosene should be provided to power the boiler for steam generation if steam use testing is to be done.
5. Other: A bin place next to the trailer for cake disposal is helpful. Usually 100–200 lbs./hr of dewatered material will be produced. 100' of 2½" hose is carried on the trailer for sludge supply and filtrate drainage.
6. Cost: The cost for an on-site test is the cost of one-way trailer transportation plus airfare for two FKC technicians to the airport nearest the work site.
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